Use The Fonts, Luke: Star Wars Typography

November 18, 2010


Alternatively, "Luke, I am your fonter." God I hate myself for that. And, well, pretty much everything else I've ever done. Anyway, because some Geekologie Readers have to go home and give themselves glitterstim enemas if I don't meet their daily quota of Star Wars posts, here's a small gallery (read: three pictures) of characters created entirely out of different fonts by Italian ad firm H-57 Creative Station. This is Darth Maul or somebody here, but there's a Cylon and a Fraggle after the jump. Huh? ARE YOU QUESTIONING MY GEEK CREDENTIALS?! Fine -- fine, this is Darth Vader, and there's a Stormtrooper and Yoda after the jump. What isn't after the jump is the X-Wingding Fighter I just spent two hours making in Photoshop. I'll email you a copy for $1 though. Ass Xerox for $2.

Hit the jump for the other two.



H-57 Creative Station: The Force of Typography [ibelieveinadv]
Nerd Art: The Typography Is Strong With This One [nerdbastards]

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