Tower Demolition Fail: Why Going With The Lowest Bidder Isn't Always The Best Idea

November 11, 2010


This is a short video of a tower demolition gone wrong at the Mad River Power Plant in Ohio. Oh boy, if that river was mad before it must be really fuming now. Rage, little river, RAAAAAAAAAGE!!

The planned demolition of the Ohio Edison tower in Ohio in the US went wrong after a malfunction caused the structure to fall in the wrong direction.

The tower brought down power lines, leaving at least 4000 householders without electricity, and sent spectators scurrying for cover.

No one was reported injured.

You know there's a reason why the lowest bidder on a contract is the lowest bidder, right? Because they're gonna cut corners. Did you see the guys setting the explosives? They weren't even wearing hard hats, they were wearing those pirate hats you make out of newspaper! Yeah, and two guys were smoking weed while another one marched around with a stick of dynamite hanging out of his fly like a surrogate penis! Are those really the kind of guys you want blowing up your tower? Absolutely. You can't pay for that kind of entertainment value!

Hit the jump for the tower of terror in action.

Panic as Ohio tower falls in the wrong direction [bbc]

Thanks to David, who once tried fishing with dynamite and accidentally killed a mermaid.

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