The United States Map Of Television Shows

November 12, 2010


Note: Don't even try reading that, it's only gonna make you squirt. I mean squint. Or do I? I don't even know anymore. Click HERE to see the high-res version.

Sorry for the short, quick posts today folks, but by the time you read this I'll be halfway to a top-secret location where the government will be performing a variety of tests on my supple body and succulent mind to determine whether I'm suitable for a special outerspace program. Oooooor I've got a doctor's appointment. Just kidding, it's the government thing, I swear. Anyway, this is the United States of Television Shows to accompany the United States of Movies from a few weeks ago. Hopefully you'll all have as much fun tearing this one apart as the other. But, if not, we can all still go outside for another kind of good ol' fashioned fun. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Rock fight!

Pop-Culture Cartography of the Day []

Thanks to Dr. Hyde, who, wait a minute -- I thought Jekyll was the doctor. This shit goes deeper than I thought.

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