The TurBaconEpic: There Were No Survivors

November 26, 2010


The TurBaconEpid is a myocardial infarction on a flowery platter. It consists of BLAAAAAHH! -- oh my God I'm so sorry *wiping chin* -- a 20lb pig stuffed with an 8lb turkey, 6lb duck, 4lb chicken (not from can), a cornish hen and quail, bacon croissant stuffing and ten pounds of wrapped bacon between layers, glazed with 6lbs of butter and 2 liters of Doctor Pepper (you should've done the Dew!) and garnished with a bunch of Baconator cheeseburgers for a grand total of 79,046 calories and 6,892 grams of fat. From a vegetarian standpoint it's horrifying. From a non-vegetarian standpoint it's the most delicious thing on the planet. From my kneelingpoint I can see the underside of the toilet seat while I puke. Note to self: needs a wipe-down.

Hit the jump for 2:30 of dammit, why didn't we do that?!


Thanks to Johnny Freightliner, SOMER, Patrick S, Belpheegor and ech0z, who all made a traditional Bedouin Wedding Feast for Thanksgiving, posted below. Suck it, TurBaconNotSoEpic!


  • Clampity

    that is a tiny ass pig yo

  • TheLonelyBrit

    And now we have the Turbaconepicentipede which is basically this x10, Human Centipede style. Ass to mouth. And tasty as hell.

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