The Gaming Alphabet, From Atari To Zelda

November 30, 2010


Note: Larger version HERE.

Brazilian designer/illustrator Maicon Costa (aka Maicon MCN) sent me this alphabet poster he created using nothing but video game related graphics (not to be confused with this hand-drawn version). Now, not to toot my own trombone or anything, but I did successfully name them all without cheating. And not just because I was able to deduce what the first letter would be, but that did take me a while to figure out. F***in' Sherlock Holmes over here! Not really though, I propositioned him and he was all, "I'm only a top". I'M only a top!

Maicon MCN's DeviantArt (with super-ultra high-res version available)

Thanks Maicon, now do one exclusively with games and characters for the Turbografx-16. Damn yeah B for Bonk's Adventure!

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