The Future Is Now!: Camera Records The Action And Your Reaction At The Same Time

November 15, 2010


The $200 Ion Twin Video Camera is a POS video camera that records both the action in front of AND behind the camera at the same time. But I can't stand your face!

For every action there is a reaction. But capturing said reaction when you're videoing stuff is impossible because camcorders only record what's in front of them, don't they? Well no, because Ion's amazing Twin Video handheld camcorder captures all the action out front and your reaction to it.

Perfect for vloggers, vain interviewers, solo tourists and gurning roller coaster nuts, this idiot-proof rechargeable gizmo is the world's first dual-lens video camera. Capable of capturing both front and rear video and audio footage, it will totally redefine the way you view the art of moviemaking. 'Ooh, look at me crying whilst filming little Johnnie's first steps.'

Worst product description EVER. Like, ever ever. Forever ever? Forever ever. The last thing I need to see is the face of the person recording something. Still, this does open up doors for your homemade sex tapes. That's right -- not only will you be able to record yourself having sex, you'll be able to record whatever's opposite the toilet in your bathroom. Probably a towel bar.

Product Site
Twin Video Camcorder - Record Your Reactions and the Event at the Same Time! [walyou]

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