Solar Power? More Like Solar Super-power!: Melting Metal & Rocks With Focused Sunlight

November 29, 2010


This is a video from the BBC's Bang Goes the Theory in which the host Jem (not to be confused with his sister, Scout) visits the Solar Furnace Research Facility in Southern France and uses solar energy stolen from this spaz to set (instantaneous) fire to a wood plank, melt steel and even melt rocks. How hot does the focal point get? Try 3,500° C (6,332° F). That's hot enough to melt any earthly material and almost as hot as me on the international scale of sessiness. I'm like a 12. Supermodels are typically in the 4-6 range, and most regular people are disqualified for scoring negative. You? You're a solid 2.

Hit the jump for a worthwhile 1:45 of solar destruction.


Thanks to Marcos and audrey, who can set things on fire with their eyes and fear mirrors because they might accidentally set their own faces on fire.

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