Slo-Mo Po-Co: Popcorn Poppin' At 6,200 FPS

November 2, 2010


FPS as in frames per second, not first person shooter. That wouldn't even make sense, Captain Crazy. Hit the jump to watch the video, it's only 12-seconds long. Then, we'll all gather around the concession stand at the movie theater and complain about how unimpressive it looks at regular speed. "Uh, GW, did you just empty a flask into your Coke?" IS THIS MOVIE GOING TO SUCK? OF COURSE I DID, YOU SAW ME DO IT -- IT WASN'T A CATHETER BAG, STUPID! *sipping* Oh, yes it was too.

Hit the jump for the slow motion pop.

Popcorn Exploding at 6,200 Frames Per Second Is Curiously Calming [gizmodo]

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