Sexy Time: 2011 Heavy Equipment Calendar

November 16, 2010


Hey ladies, wanna know what men find sexy? Naked womens. Followed by World of Warcraft elves, meat and heavy machinery. Don't want them ogling a bikini calender every time they go out to the garage to be manly? Enter the $55 (wait, what?!) 2011 Bauforum24 Heavy Equipment Calendar, 12-months of manly-ass machinery. Think your man can handle all the metal manliness? No? Shoot him in the shin with a nailgun. Is he crying? Time to find a new man. A man not afraid to be a man. Blah blah blah blah, my penis is November.

Official Site

Thanks to Ulrich, who actually helped make the calendar and may or may not have gotten to sit in some of the equipment. Jealous!

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