GAAAAAAAH, WHY WON'T YOU TURN GREEN?!: Hourglass Stoplight Concept

November 18, 2010


The 'Sand Glass' stoplight concept by Thanva Tivawong counts down the sands of time until your light turns green so you know precisely when to neutral-drop your (roommate's) car and make a speedy getaway, leaving all the blue-hairs in your (roommate's) Civic's dust to squawk about "the kids these days". Oh yeah, grandma?! They should've taken your license away when you turned 200! Haha, that one always gets em -- really cuts em straight to the heart. Which -- how was I supposed to know she had a bad ticker?! Old lady? Old lady, can you hear me? *poking granny with a rolled-up newspaper* Oh -- did you hear that, all you witnesses? She clearly said, "Are you my grandson? Why don't you ever call?" Yep, still totally alive, folks. *blends into crowd*

Not working for the colorblind aside, there's one more shot of the stoplight's many faces after the jump, which I just noticed has identical designations for "about to turn green" and "about to turn red", rendering it the deadliest stoplight concept ever designed. Back to the drawing board, Thanva.


Sands Of Traffic Times! [yankodesign]
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