Oh Wonderful: Deer, Now With More Fangs

November 18, 2010


Musk deer aren't new. As a matter of fact, I heard Methuselah once killed one with a rock and presented your mother with the pelt while trying to woo her. Oh snap, your momma's oooooold! Just kidding, I'm sure she's a spry 'lil lady. Unless you don't like her, in which we should convince her to go skydiving with us, except, instead of a parachute, we'll give her a bookbag. Anyway, musk deer are the vampires of the deer world on account of their fangs. Sure they claim to be strictly herbivorous, but it's just a ruse. As soon as there aren't any people around to watch they're bloodlusting on every cute little bunny they can sink those tooth-spears into. They still exist in Siberia and are the closest living relatives to Twlight fangirls. This concludes your biology lesson for the day, are there any questions? "Yes, Professor GW -- did you have to take your pants off during the presentation?" DAMMIT KEITH, YOU KNOW ADMINISTRATION TOOK MY LASER AWAY -- I HAD TO POINT WITH SOMETHING!

A couple more shots after the jump, including two stuffed specimens and a re-creation of what the deer's ancestor looked like (last picture, creeeeeeepy).






Thanks to Konrann, who sent the tip for a slow-news day. Haha, little did you know.

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