Of Course, It Was Only A Matter Of Time: Red Shirt World Of Warcraft Guy Gets Autotuned

November 10, 2010


Seen here getting his swerve fact-checkin' on, World of Warcraft fanboy 'red-shirt guy' has officially gotten the autotuned treatment. And this is it. It started off okay, got really terrible, and then plateaued off at really terrible with the occasional dip to godawful gaaah i can't watch this anymore. But if either pasty white, awkward WoW fanboys or autotuning are your thing, it's definitely worth a watch. If those are not your things, congratulations, you're a real person.

Hit the jump for more robot-sounding jibber-jabber than I could stand.


Thanks to Brent, comfort eagle and Peachaboo, who took singing lessons as kids and don't need to be autotuned to sound good, just electrically shocked.

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