Not Just For Christmas Anymore: Housing Light Show Synced To Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'

November 1, 2010


You know those guys that go overboard with the Christmas lights and sync them all to perform to a song? Yeah, the ones that'll do anything to spend time away from their wives and families during the holidays (the little lights are twinkling, Clark). Well apparently now they're looking for even more ways to hang out in the garage and started setting up light shows for other holidays. Specifically, Halloween (which, fun fact, is actually short for Hallowedween, which was named in honor of my sacred wiener). Per the maker:

2010 Halloween Light Show in HD - Thriller by Michael Jackson ( MJ )

4 singing pumpkin faces, tombstones, hand carved and blow mold pumpkins, strobes, floods and thousands of lights. Light-O-Rama 140 channels. Riverside, CA Enjoy!

Oh snap -- Riverside? You should have told me, that's right down the street! Just kidding, I have absolutely no concept where that is. *Googlemapping* Okay, so it is sort of close. Problem is, I have a hard enough time finding my way to the liquor store and you can see it from my balcony. What? Things get so tricky at street-level!

Hit the jump for the Thrilling in action.


Thanks to Ambrose and Gabbie, who were badasses for Halloween just like every other day.

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