No Seconds?: (Alleged) Gamer Girl Eats 5,826 Calorie, 747 Grams Of Fat Corndog

November 18, 2010


This is a video of an alleged gamer girl eating a "Triple Meat Log" corndog made out of three XL hotdogs wrapped in cheese, wrapped in 18 slices of bacon, wrapped in ground beef, lathered in yellow cornmeal and deep-fried and served with bacon-grease mayo for a grand total of 5,826 calories and 747 grams of fat (although Geekologie's nutrition experts are arguing this in the comments). Whatever the case, that's her about to take her first bite there. I think it's supposed to turn you on or something. It did not turn me on. What it did turn was my stomach, which is why there's vomit in my keyboard now. Be expecting my Geek Squad bill.

Hit the jump for the moderately worthwhile 2:00 video, along with a link to Epic Meal Time's Youtube channel, with a ton more meat-pounding deliciousness.

Epic Meal Time's Youtube Channel

Thanks to Anna, Evil Ares and rusty shackleford, who could have eaten two of them provided they were allowed to projectile vomit every three minutes.

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