Melon Shot Off Head With .50 Cal Sniper Rifle

November 3, 2010


In other "you've got to be f***ing kidding me" news, this is a video of a guy getting a watermelon exploded off his head with a .50 caliber sniper rifle. Now if you're familiar with Freddie's other Youtube videos, you'll know almost all (read: all) of them involve special effects, so I'm assuming this is the case with this one. Because I don't care how much I trust someone, nobody's shooting anything off MY head with anything larger than a .45 because I value my face. Still, feel free to send this video to friends telling them it's real and you want to try it after chugging a few beers and doing bat-spins. Anybody who says yes is a true friend.

Hit the jump for the near headshot.


Thanks to TheEmortal, who could have made that shot IRL blindfolded using nothing but echolocation to identify his target and accidentally blow their legs off. And to comfort eagle, who can shit on a car from a mile up every single time.

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