Marty McFly Inspecting The Ace Of Cakes' Amazing Back To The Future DeLorean

November 5, 2010


Note: a couple more shots and a short video of the cake's special effects after the jump. That's right -- a cake with special effects.

"On Saturday, November 5, 1955, Doc came up with the idea of the flux capacitor (which is what makes time travel possible) after slipping off his toilet while standing on it to hang a clock and bumping his head on the edge of the sink. The idea came to him in a vision he had after being knocked out."

That's right folks, today marks the 55th anniversary of Doc Brown's invention of the flux capacitor. And what better way to celebrate than with an 8-foot Ace of Cakes-constructed DeLorean cake? I can't think of any. Well, besides using a car battery to apply 1.21 gigawatts to your nips so you can go back in time and bang dinos. *prepping alligator clips* Well -- here goes nothing!
Aaaaaand both my tits are on fire.

Hit the jump for a video of the cake hitting 88MPH.



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Thanks to Stevie, Stevie's brother, Garfield McFly, chris and Josh, who all own DeLoreans and have gotten out of speeding tickets by insisting there's no way they could have been doing 90MPH because they would have already started time traveling. Smart.

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