Magic!: Voice-Activated H.P. Wand Flashlights

November 23, 2010


Harry Potter laser tag wands not your cup of tea? What the f*** are you doing drinking tea in the first place? IT'S TAKING UP VALUABLE STOMACH REAL ESTATE WHERE YOU COULD FIT BOOZE. Anyway, how about a voice-activated Harry Potter wand flashlight? No? Not digging this one either? God you're impossible to please. PRODUCT FEAAAAAAATURES!::::

Harry Potter Voice-Activated Wand Flashlight

  • Listens to your voice and turns on and off when the proper spell is spoken.
  • Record your own voice command.
  • Say "Lumos" to activate and "Nox" to deactivate - or pick any sound command of your choice.
  • Matches your spoken commands to your recorded commands, which means your wand will only listen to you!
  • Available in Harry and Hermione wand styles.
  • Batteries: 3 AAA (not included).
  • Dimensions:11" long.

Speaking of 11" long: not me. I'm like a quarter of that, and only if you measure half the gooch. But that's neither here nor taint, if you want to feel like a wizard, go get one of these $16 bad boys (alternatively, break off a tree branch) and you can run around in the dark screaming "LUMOS!" and "NOX!" to your heart's content. But no yelling, "WHY AM I NOT GETTING LAID?!", because that should be apparent (it's the cape).

1:00 product demonstration in the style of a no-budget student film after the jump.

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