Magic Missile!: Harry Potter Laser Tag Wands

November 19, 2010


Wanna play laser tag but feel like toting a plastic laser gun around will get you disqualified from the LARPing competition? Fear not, Lord Laserpews, because now you can play laser tag with Harry Potter wands. ABRACADABLASTERS! *GW casts copy/paste product features*

  • Duel with wands, "laser tag" style.
  • Light up tips as spells are cast.
  • Features authentic movie sound effects, too.
  • "Healing Charm" lets you give up one unit of life to help out an ally.
  • Choose from four styles: Harry, Ron, Hermione, and/or Voldemort.

Each 14" laser-wand will set you back $23. But it's gonna cost you twice that if you actually wanna play. Unless -- UNLESS -- you're cool playing with yourself. Do all the time? This morning even? *GW casts wish we hadn't shook*

One more shot of the four different wands and a link to the ThinkGeek product site after the jump.


ThinkGeek Product Site
Harry Potter IR Battling Wands [ohgizmo]

Thanks to Catherine, who can cast spells Hermione can only dream of (when she's not too busy dreaming about the Jonas Brothers).

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