LOLWUT?!: Emoticon Plastic Surgeries

November 23, 2010


These emoticon body parts (the boobs of which we will now only refer to as emoticans) were spotted in South Korea advertising a plastic surgeon's many body-altering options (most of which I have absolutely no clue WTF they are). And, since we're on the topic of female bodies, I'd like to take a second to discuss fake knockers. *ahem* Listen ladies -- as a man who loves chest trophies more than booze itself: just leave them alone. They're always better natural, I don't care if they're small, square, squiggly, upside-down, perpendicular or on your back, as long as you don't have a penis, it's all biscuits and gravy, baby.

Plastic surgery emoticons [blameitonthevoices]
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Thanks to Brian, who's always wanted to be turned into an owl. Me too!

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