Let's Build One!: Millennium Falcon Blueprints

November 10, 2010


Note: Trying to follow these tiny-ass blueprints is gonna result in a spaceship that looks like a turd and explodes on launch, click HERE to see the full-size version.

These are blueprints (or whiteprints, rather) of the Millennium Falcon (possibly from this book). You could use them to build your own. Ooooooor color at TGI Friday's while waiting for your meal to arrive. Whatever the case, you better have ordered the f***ing chicken fingers. Country gravy, COUNTRY GRAVY!!

UPDATE: Okay so my brother just informed me Friday's hasn't been serving country gravy with chicken fingers for at least six years. Wow, time flies. AND SO DOES MY DRAGON MOUNT, SUCKERS! *shooting fireballs*

These Are The Blueprints For The Millennium Falcon [jalopnik]

Thanks to mikoboy and ChrisTheMan, who don't use blueprints because they hate the Na'vi.

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