On eBay: 1/2 Ton Of LEGO Bricks For $20K

November 15, 2010


Note: Picture only moderately related on account of all the LEGO blocks.

Looking to get your LEGO collection started with a bang? Homemade fireworks. Then look no further than eBay, my friend. They've got everything on there. I even bought a car off eBay once. It was legit. Minus having to drive to Philadelphia and meet with the Russian mafia. Oh, and the part where the old owner had never signed off on selling the car. Listen, I'm just thankful the trunk was bodiless.

Now, let's cover what is here in this lot. Well, first of all every theme you could ask for. And pretty much every piece Lego has made. I spent years separating and organizing 1000's of lbs of Lego. I weighed everything in their containers and it all came to around 1158 lbs not including the metal cabinet with Lego instructions...So, I am guessing that you should have about 1000lbs of clean, sorted, organized and even partially baggied Lego. Of course I did have a few bins I never got to for sorting, I will leave that to you.

I stopped counting mini-figures at 2358. There are more here, I just got tired of counting.

I hate chewed on, broken, glued, dirty, nasty Lego and will immediately throw them away. And I have thoroughly gone through about 99% of what you see. I also am prejudice against other brands. So, hopefully you will not find any Mega Blok, Tyco, etc... If you happen to find any, it will be a very small amount and I apologize now.

$20K takes it all home. Now I know what you're thinking. "But GW, I could get a car for twenty g's." And you could. But could that car turn into a medieval castle on your bedroom floor and provide you with hours of imaginative entertainment? "No, but it will get me to the liquor store and back." Good point, pick me up on the way.

eBay Auction

Thanks to Peterman, who doesn't need a half ton of LEGO blocks because he's got a whole ton of Lincoln Logs. Which, fun fact: were invented by John L. Wright, one of Frank Lloyd Wright's sons. Roll that in your blueprints and smoke it!

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