It's A Bird -- It's A Plane -- It's...A Flying Shark?

November 8, 2010


This is a $100 RC plane that looks like a flying shark (NOT a flying lawnmower). I swear, what will they think of next? One that looks like a unicorn? That would be f***ing awesome. Gosh, I hope it comes with magic missiles and glitter grenades!

Ever wanted to see a flying shark? Here's your chance. The new Flying Shark plane isn't made just for looks, it flies great! Made with flexible EPS foam and EPO anti-falls material, this shark can do some heavy duty flying. Get one today and you'll start hearing things like, "LOOK! A FLYING SHARK!"

No, no you won't start hearing things like that. But what you will start hearing are things like, "Dude, we should totally put a bunch of fireworks in its mouth before it takes off!" and "Come on, fly it into a power line -- I want to see what happens!" Friends, always saying the dardest things, amirite? I wouldn't know.

Hit the jump for a video of the killer of the skies in action.

Product Site
Flying Shark? Oh You Better Believe Flying Shark [gammasquad]

Thanks to Von Plurring and Spikey DaPikey, who are both holding out for flying crabs. Really? I haven't seen any that fly but I will sell you the ones I caught parachuting off my balls.

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