Iron Man/War Machine Cosplay, British Edition

November 17, 2010


Two British blokes decided to don their highly impressive Iron Man/War Machine costumes and take a jaunt around jolly ol' London. No word if they had fish & chips.

32-year-old John Bekkensten, from Norway, is an established sculptor for the movie industry, with works featured in blockbuster hits like "Gladiator". "Braveheart", "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" and others. But John is also a big fan of Iron Man, so apart form his official projects, he spent over a year replicating the costumes of the popular hero and his sidekick, War Machine, out of fiberglass and plastic.

John ended up wearing the much cooler War Machine costume, while his buddy got the chance to be Iron Man. Together they got on double decker buses, took picture with London guards and managed to stun pretty much everyone they passed by.

Speaking of stunning people, I tased my roommate last night after I caught him pouring out my (perfectly aged and seasoned) hotdog-boiling water and he still hasn't gotten up off the kitchen floor. What's the ruling on that? Give it another day? I'll give him two.

Hit the jump for two more shots, including one of them harassing a guard at Buckingham Palace.



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