In Socialist Movie Theaters, Movies Watch You

November 3, 2010


Well you can cross "dark movie theaters" off your list of safe places to conduct drug deals, because apparently you're going to be filmed while watching movies in the future as part of an effort to 1. curb your enthusiasm piracy and 2. gauge audience reaction to movies/advertisements. And to think I used to only have to worry about the pimply usher busting me with all the booze and candy I smuggled in. I hate the future!

In an effort to further combat piracy, some cinemas have incorporated the use of an infrared scanning system that detects recording devices in the audience and if detected, sounds an alarm to alert management. Now the company that offers those services, Aralia Systems, is working to enhance the system by incorporating technology which will scan and read the audiences' physical expressions and emotions.

"Within the cinema industry this tool will feed powerful marketing data that will inform film directors, cinema advertisers and cinemas with useful data about what audiences enjoy and what adverts capture the most attention. By measuring emotion and movement film companies and cinema advertising agencies can learn so much from their audiences that will help to inform creativity and strategy," Dr. Abdul Farooq from Machine Vision Lab told TorrentFreak.

I don't like it, I don't it one bit. But is that gonna stop me from licking gummi bears and winging them at the screen hoping they stick? You can bet their mushy asses it's not! Which reminds me -- did I ever tell you about the time I brought and drank a whole fifth of rum in the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie? Because I did that. Aaaaaand accidentally kicked it over and listened to it bounce it's way down to the front row. You know what the usher said to me? Nothing -- I already had my cutlass drawn.

Going to the movies? Prepare to be watched while you watch [myce]

Thanks to rya, who's so scared he'll now only watch movies from home. Oh yeah? Too bad your DVD player is watching.

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