I Told You Robots Were Cold!: Optimice Prime

November 30, 2010


See what I did there with his name? I managed to smash "ice" onto the end. That's the kind of stuff they don't teach you in blogging college, folks. Nope, that's the kind of literary mastery you can only gain from years of sticking made-up words into crossword puzzles. You think I'm above adding extra letter-squares off the side of a puzzle? YOU DON'T KNOW ME! This is a giant 26-foot Optimus Prime ice sculpture from Zürich, Switzerland. God, what I wouldn't give to dismember that SOB with a barrage of stone-filled snowballs. You hear that, Optimice?! Your head's about to transform and roll down a snowbank!

Giant Transformers Ice Sculpture [neatorama]

Thanks to Gamemore, who, believe me, I want to.

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