I See What You're Doing Back There!: Man To Have Camera Installed In Back Of Head

November 19, 2010


Certainly brings new meaning to the term "headshot", amirite?! No? Oh. Seen here looking a lot less ridiculous than he's going to when he has a camera installed in the back of his head, NYU photography professor Wafaa Bilal wants a camera installed in the back of his head. Me? I'd be happy if I could just grow hair back there.

The camera would transmit a live stream of images to visitors of a new museum in Qatar. The camera will be programmed to take pictures at one-minute intervals for one year, the newspaper reported.

The fact that Bilal is an active faculty member at the university who would be in a classroom setting while the project is underway has caused some concern at the school.

"Obviously you don't want students to be under the burden of constant surveillance; it's not a good teaching environment," Fred Ritchin, the associate chairman of the department told the WSJ.

Don't want students under the burden of constant surveillance? Here's a novel concept: only teach facing the students. Crazy, I know, but what can I say -- I'm a visionary. Oh -- oh geez -- just visionaried you without any clothes on. Not as godawful as I expected!

Professor to install camera into back of head [torontosun]

Thanks to Pesche, who's holding out for actual eyes in the back of his head. Pesche that's creepy as a mofro!

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