Happy Veterans Day: The Army Of The Future

November 11, 2010


Happy Veterans Day. I'd like to take this time to thank all the men and women who have served and do serve to protect my freedom to write whatever I damn well please without fear or repercussions. And a special thanks to my grandfather, an Army communications man who was on the beaches of Normandy two days after the invasion and said it was one of the two things in life he wished he'd never seen (the Great Depression being the other). Rest in peace, grandpa (and you too, grandma!). I bet the bird-watching is even better from up there. Can you see me? I'm waving at you!

Maybe some day robots will be able to fight our wars for us. And maybe they will look like this Mega Hurtz (yes, really) Tactical Robot. And maybe, just maybe yes definitely, I will run screaming.

The beast is billed as a "heavy duty 280 lb two-man-portable monster" that can record audio and video, be controlled by a remote operator, and has night vision capability. But that ain't all! Not only does it feature a welded steel chassis designed to demolish doors and concrete walls, it also looks really awesome

"Oh man, I want to see two of those things going at it!" Awh yeah, robots killing each other -- now you're talking my language! "Zizzlebrrt qqrtt yurrmmtreh Xerrmmflim." Okay, now you're not anymore. As a matter of fact, I'm not even sure that was a language. It sounded like a short-circuiting robot...*choking you out* NICE TRY, SKYNET!

Hit the jump for a video of Mega Hurtz in action.

Mega Hurtz gun-wielding robot has a menacing look, unfortunate name [engadget]

Thanks to Vasssskk and G.I. Joe, who want to dress up in sheet metal just so they can get in on the robot-killing action. Hardcore!

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