GW To Princess Leia, Come In Princess Leia: Holographic Telecom Coming Soon?

November 4, 2010


Oh I'm sorry -- did I catch you just getting out of the shower again? Don't worry, I'll look away (as soon as I hit record on my webcam), I swear. Hey -- and what's up with all the BEEP BOOP BOP-ing in the background? WHY IS THAT TRASHCAN IN YOUR BEDROOM?!

A University of Arizona team says it has devised a system that can make a holographic display appear in another place and update it in near real-time.In the set up described in Nature, 16 cameras recorded 2D images of objects and people from multiple angles, and then sent that information to another location using a computer connection.

The system demonstrated this week is far from the finished product, but it gives a very strong hint of what might be achievable with further refinements.

At its heart is a new plastic screen material that will record 3D holographic images time and time again, every two seconds.

At the remote site, a laser was used to "print" the visual information on to the new photosensitive polymer. The 3D image composed of the 16 perspectives decays naturally, but the laser can write the next "frame" before it completely disappears.

Obviously the important question is how the pr0n industry is gonna harness the power of holograms to create holopr0n, and, perhaps even more importantly, whether or not I'm gonna have to buy a new computer monitor to see said laser-titties.

Check out the link for BBC's much more in-depth article and a couple videos of the technology in use.

Hologram messaging coming of age [bbc]

Thanks to David, Rev Dr Dom, alyson, Robert and sage, who are all afraid of getting trapped in holograms. Really? I'm afraid of getting trapped in an an elevator with diarrhea.

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