Gotta Caress 'Em All!: The Poké-Bra

November 29, 2010


So you're making out all hot and heavy with a lady you easily brought home from the bar when she takes off her shirt to reveal a Poké-Bra. What do you do? Dive in there like Ash and see what kind of monsters she's hiding behind that thing, or run screaming because you've been making out with a chick wearing a Pokemon bra? If you answered, "pleeeeaaase don't ruin this for me, GW, I've never made it this far with a girl before," congratulations, you have a lot to learn about women. Starting with: that one's rockin' a penis bigger than yours. Dive, DO NOT CRAWL, out the nearest window.
The Pokebra is Pushing It, Even for Me [unreality]

Thanks to Evil Ares, who I had no trouble defeating at the end of God Of War (after turning the difficulty down).

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