Little Girl Gets Hand Cut Off, Grafted To Foot

November 19, 2010


Nine-year-old Ming Li is just like any other little Chinese girl. Except she has to walk to school uphill both ways and still got run over and her hand cut off by a tractor. At the time, her arm was in such poor shape reattaching the hand was an impossibility. Thankfully, quick-thinking doctors were able to graft it to her foot while her arm healed, and successfully reattach it 3-months later. MODERN MEDICAL MAGIC!

Dr Hou Jianxi, spokesman for the hospital in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, said the hand had now been transplanted back on to her arm.

"When she came in, her left hand was completely severed from her body. It was very scary," he told the Zhoukou Evening Post.

"But Ming Li can now move her wrist again and her left hand is a healthy pink colour proving that the blood is circulating well."

Li will need two more operations over the next year. One to improve her hand functions and some plastic surgery to remove her scars.

But Dr Hou said: "After surgery, and with plenty of physiotherapy, we are confident her left hand will be capable of doing most things.

Amazing, I love a story with a happy ending. Huh? DAMMIT PERV -- GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE GUTTER! Get well soon, Ming. And remember, tractors: not the toys Matchbox would lead you to believe.

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Thanks to Hankzor411, who once taped a Nerf gun to his arm and pretended he was Mega Man. That's, uh, pretty sad I'm not gonna lie.

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