From Assy To Classy: Toilet Paper Tube Art

November 5, 2010


From ass-wipe to art, toilet paper tubes: apparently they're multifunctional. But what's gonna happen when the new tubeless TP rolls take off? Your guess is as good as mine. Unless you guessed anything besides, "absolutely nothing", in which case, congratulations, you're the world's worst guesser. Also, kisser. Remember that time you set up a kissing booth at the fair? How many customers did you get? Exactly, one. Sure I came back thirty times but only because I wanted your gum.

Hit the jump for a couple more, then the link for a TON more from different angles.






Paper cuts - Rolls [behance]

Thanks to diana, who only works with paper towel rolls because they allow for a greater depth of field. Smart thinking, princess.

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