Fainting Cats: Now With More Laser Blasting

November 5, 2010


Remember the video of the cats with fainting goat syndrome? Well here's an edit of the video with the little guys getting laser blasted and falling over. I can't tell if actually makes me feel better or worse, but I just loved those kitties so much I thought I'd post it. Also, a picture of my genitals to make you feel better about yourself/your boyfriend. Can't even tell what you're looking at, can you? I think my job here is done.

Hit the jump for the video.

Sadly, the second cat passed away on the 30th. RIP little guys, enjoy that great big cat tree in the sky. Oh -- and tell Jimmy, Tumbles and The Terrorist daddy misses them.


Thanks to Kinnie, The Pipe Cleaner, gingerjohn and Marco, who tried to breed fainting turtles but the male kept fainting and falling out of the female. Three words (all beginning with T): test tube turtles.

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