Doughnut Transport Will Never Be The Same

November 3, 2010


The $12 Doughnut-To-Go dougnut briefcase is a briefcase for the safe and secure transport of sprinkled deliciousness (NOT bananas). More of a jelly-filled kind of person? You're shit out of luck, because these only work with holed donuts. HEY McFLY, YOU BOJO -- DOUGHNUT-TO-GO'S DON'T WORK ON BAVARIAN CREAMS. Just look at all those features: lollipop stand, a hole for a lock -- and, what's this -- a passive ventilation system?! Personally, I prefer an aggressive ventilation system but that's just me and I like an air conditioner that's not afraid to throw a punch and call me names every once in awhile. Feels good. Also, sleeping in until you can't sleep anymore. WHICH I HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED BUT PRAY FOR EVERY NIGHT BEFORE BED. And has that ever stopped my alarm from going off at 6:00AM? It has not. Any morning you want to God, I'm ready. Just sayin', I'm cool with sheet-scars.

Hit the jump for a couple more shot and -- AND -- a video. "Dam GW, did you just say video?" I did. And I meant it.




Strapya World Product Site
Japan's Newest Invention: Individual Doughnut Briefcase [delish]

Thanks to Ryan, who carries his dougnuts around in a brown paper bag and then complains when they get all smashed to shit before lunch. What you need is a Doughnut-To-Go, bro.

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