Double O Suspect: Hidden Camera Spy Shirt

November 8, 2010


The Electronic Spy Camera Shirt from ThinkGeek costs $40 and has a little spycam hidden in the image (ironically, in the camera!) on the front. It takes far-from-stunning 640 x 480px pictures, but only in bright light, making a bow-tie camera far more practical (not to mention classy).

The Electronic Spy Camera Shirt is for novelty purposes only. Please respect the privacy of other carbon based life forms... robots and aliens are fair game. Best results are achieved by shooting during the day. Night shots are only feasible if you can stand amazingly still and your subjects are not moving.

Privacy schmivacy, you can't sell a product with SPY CAMERA in the title and then tell me not to run into the women's locker room clicking away like a madman. It's like that study they did where they left children alone in a room with a bowlful of candy and told them not to touch it. That one fat kid licked every single chocolate!

Hit the jump for a couple more product shots, including a sample photo of some hottie.



ThinkGeek Product Site

Thanks to Candice and jeremy, who don't need spy camera shirts because they're masters of the "pretending to make a call while secretly recording" cell phone maneuver.

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