DO NOT WANT (Scaling The Side Of My Apartment Building): Wall Climbing Robots

November 4, 2010


There are good ideas, bad ideas, and then Japanese wall climbing robots. Sure they still require rungs to climb, but wait till they evolve. If you think in a couple years they won't be able to climb sheer glass you've got another thing coming. Namely, a robot climbin' in yo windows, snatchin' yo people up. Bed intruderbots.

These three guys have been gradually climbing up and down a 15-minute wall in 20-minute intervals for more than half a year. Again, for no particular reason from what I can tell, except to entertain us.

First of all, the robots are slow as hell and, on an entertainment scale from 1 - 10, are a 2, tops. Same goes for SNL. I've been going through my DVR watching all the recent shows and -- more often than not -- would rather stare at the floor. Just sayin', you know it's bad when I start looking for patterns in the carpet.

Hit the jump for a boring video of the future bed intruders doing their thing.

wall-climbing robots: real life crazy climbers [technabob]

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