Darth Vader Face Made In Star Wars Script

November 19, 2010


This is the entire script for the original Star Wars (aka "the first one", aka "A New Hope") colored to resemble Darth Vader's evil (but still very handsome) visage (in a similar style to this Godfather version). It was created by Geekologie reader David Johns, easily placing him in the top 10% of Geekologie Readers in terms of productivity. Well? Are YOU a 10%'er? SPOILER: Absolutely not -- don't even kid yourself.

Note: I was going to host the better-than-desktop-background ultra high-res version but decided to let David's server do all the heavy lifting (No need to thank me, Dave). Hit the link below to grab it.

David's Website

Thanks David, now how about one made out of Geekologie articles with a picture of me bein' all sensual seductive? I smell a 2011 calendar idea!

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