Dam You Crazy: Goats Climbing Vertical Dam

November 4, 2010


See this dam? Look closer at the left corner. Recognizable shape? It's a goat. Or, more specifically, an Alpine ibex. And the rest of the shadows are all the same. They're climbing the Cingino Dam in Italy and licking the salt deposits in the rocks because their veggie diets don't provide them with enough sodium. Pfft -- too much salt's bad for you anyways! I don't want salt-diabetes. You guys are cray-cray for climbing that damn dam all the time. If you don't mind I'm just gonna just sit here and watch, maybe nibble one of your turds once you're back on solid ground. What?! Ibex you won't think it's so gross when one of you takes a nose-dive!

Hit the jump for several close-ups and a video of the, uh, you do know salt's cheap as shit at the store, right? Just sayin', I'll go buy you some.





"Mind-Boggling" Pictures: Goats Scale Dam in Italy [nationalgeographic]
Buffalo Bill Dam [snopes]

Thanks to Chuck Nunchuck, who claims he can climb perfectly horizontal walls on the underside. Chuck, those are called ceilings.

  • they really get high on those little flowers...

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