Cell Phone Cases Made From Your Old Jeans

November 9, 2010


Have a favorite pair of jeans? Who doesn't? Except me because I only wear boxers. Athletic shorts if I have to walk the dogs. But for those of you whose favorite jeans have finally gone to meet their sweat-shop maker, fear not, for they can rise from the cotton ashes and live again as a cell phone case thanks to Dead Jeans.

After Dead Jeans gets your payment, they'll send you a top secret return envelope and special labeling kit to ensure your back pockets get transformed into the designer ass-case you've always dreamed about for your new iPhone 4.

Expect to pay $42 USD (€ 29,90) for your very own felt lined iPocket, delivered with free shipping from somewhere in the Netherlands.

Apparently you have to carefully cut the pockets off yourself before sending them, which seems like a lot of work considering you still have to pay $42. BUT I DID HALF THE WORK! And, as you may recall, half work and no pay makes Jack a disgruntled employee. And disgruntled employees, my friend, shoot up buildings. Food for thought.

Hit the jump for a video of how to remove a jean pocket with scissors and a razor blade. I'm gonna steal your wallet!

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Turn Your Dead Jeans Into A Custom iPhone Case [iphonesavior]

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