Congratulations?: Motorola Droid Pro Wins Award For 'Most Annoying Default Ringtone'

November 15, 2010


Okay so that's not an actual award. Still, the Motorola Droid Pro come preloaded with the most painful default ringtone your eardrums could imagine. I've embedded the thing below, so hit play and give it a listen. Then, right before you stab yourself in the ears with a pen, recap the pen and put it down. Preferably out of sight ("out of sight, out of ear canal").

Well? I told you it was painful. It sounded like two robots making awkward metallic love, didn't it? If you answered, "yes", congratulations, now we all know you've watched two robots having sex. Point and laugh, everybody, point and laugh.

Droid Pro: Most annoying ringtone ever [androidcentral]

Thanks to Darwin Police, whose default ringtone is some guy on a motorcycle screaming, "hey, watch this!" Famous last words.

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