Can You Heat Me Now?: Cell Phone Grill Test

November 15, 2010


Because destroying expensive electronics is the new white (or is it black?), here's somebody grilling (literally) an Android, Windows Phone 7 and iPhone 4. Any idea who lasts the longest? I'll tell you if you really want to know. Just kidding, sitting through shit you don't really want to only to find out something you don't really care about is all part of life, kids. A big part. F***ing huge. Actually, that's pretty much all being an adult is about. That and the constant fear of dying. But enough about your bright future, why's everybody on this gadget destroying kick lately? Because did you know there are places in the world where people don't even have cell phones? It's true -- only land lines. "NUKE THE PRIMITIVES!" Riiiiiiiiiiiight, let's just not and say we didn't.

Hit the jump for the OMGWTFBBQ'ing action.


Thanks to Arr, jesus, Shenanigans and PiLover, who still use soup cans and string to make all their treehouse to treehouse calls. Swiss Family Geekologie Readers FTW!

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