Bubble Tents: Because Everybody Should Make Love Under The Stars With Bears And Forest Gnomes Watching At Least Once

November 16, 2010


Bubble tents: for admiring the great outdoors without actually having to be out of doors. Hey, that reminds me of something. Oh right -- WINDOWS.

Launched this year, the structures can be now be hired out at sites across France for around £400 pounds (~$635) a night.

Once the 'bubble' is inflated, it's kept in shape with an airlock at the entrance and a silent pump, which keeps a constant pressure on the surrounding 'walls'.

Outside sound is kept to a minimum while inside noise is magnified, which, according to Mr Dumas, encourages the occupants to create a peaceful atmosphere by whispering.

Mr Dumas added: 'For me, Bubble huts are a place apart where you can rest, breathe or just stand back.'

'Having a night under the stars or seeing the sun rise and set is not something that many people experience anymore.

Listen, as a guy who's exposed himself to woodland creatures more times than he'd like to admit (200+), I'm down with the bubble tent. I don't care who -- or what -- is watching me undress, because, ultimately, it's gonna be their (vision) loss. No lie, one time I caught the lady across the street watching me undress and her eyes popped out their sockets and she got a bloody nose. And that was just from catching a glimpse of my pirate booty. Thank God I didn't release the Kraken!

Hit the jump for a couple more shots of the exhibitionism.



Transparent bubble tent puts campers under the stars (but careful where you get undressed!) [dailymail]

Thanks to Derek, who camps the way God intended: in an air-conditioned RV with satellite television and full bar. Ah, the great outdoors.

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