BOOM, HEADSHOT FOOTSHOT!: Armless Man Can Shoot, Reload Gun With His Feet

November 22, 2010


Micheal is a man. A man with no arms, but a love for firearms. Which -- I'm not gonna lie: that's a pretty cruel one, God.

Squeezing the trigger of the pistol with the toes on his left foot and aiming with his steadying right foot, he warns: 'Tell them: "If they want to come and screw with the U.S., come on!"'

The man, armed without any arms, even uses his feet to reload the weapon, placing the bullets between his toes and feeding them into the pistol.

Not wanting to rely entirely on a man with no arms that can shoot with his feet to protect the country aside, there's a worthwhile video of the foot pews in action after the jump, which brings up an interested question: how do you protect yourself from a man who can shoot with his feet? Give up? Knot his laces. But seriously -- good lookin', Michael, I'm proud of ya. Next stop: ninja sword.

Hit the jump for a 2:00 demonstration.

Meet the crack shot with no arms who can fire a handgun with his FEET (and even reload it) [dailymail]

Thanks to Wade, who can shoot a gun using nothing but his mind. Damn, Magneto!

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