Bill Nye The (Hardcore Badass) Science Guy Faints On Stage, Gets Up, Finishes Speech

November 17, 2010


Bill Nye is the bee's knees. He's interesting and he knows science. What he doesn't know is pain or proper medical procedures, which is why he got up and finished his speech after fainting on stage during a presentation at USC last night. GOD, WHY DIDN'T ANYBODY TELL ME -- I COULD HAVE GONE.

The Los Angeles Times says the 54-year-old Nye apparently fainted on stage Tuesday evening in front of hundreds of people gathered at the University of Southern California.

USC senior Tristan Camacho says Nye collapsed in mid-sentence at the podium. About 10 seconds later, she says he was conscious and asked the audience how long he was out.

Nye told the audience a similar thing happened to him earlier in the day.

Oh no -- oh God no. Are you fearing what I'm fearing? Bill Nye the Track Marks Guy. Turn back, Bill, drugs are not the answer! Unless you ask me anything, in which case, D) all of the above.

Bill Nye the Science Guy faints on Calif. stage [ap]

Thanks to Drew, who fainted during a public speaking class in high school and got a D-.

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