Beer-Cooled Computing: The Keg Case

November 19, 2010


Okay, so it's not really beer-cooled (unlike myself). Of course that wouldn't work anyway because I would drink your computer. But enough about my chemical dependencies, seen here doing his best Red Stripe "hooray beer!" impression, Ben Lzicar went and built himself a computer case out of a beer keg. Awesome Ben, now how are we supposed to get the deposit back?

[Ben] started his kegger with an empty Anheuser-Busch keg, then sliced it open to install his PC guts. After he ripped it apart, Ben powder-coated the whole thing with a beautiful shiny black finish, trimmed it with chrome, and loaded it with bright blue LEDs.

He even added a bottle opener since we obviously can't afford another keg without trading one in. Wonderful. No keg = no party. And no party = no girls. And no girls, Ben = uh, what did we need the girls for again? F*** it -- LAN PARTY!

Hit the jump for a bunch of shots of the build.









beer keg pc casemod: drink up and overclock! [technabob]

Thanks to Tony, who -- OMG, the one that built the rocket suit?!

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