Beautiful: Footage From High Speed Camera Aboard High Speed Train Replayed In Slo-Mo

November 24, 2010


This is a video created by Graeme Taylor aboard a high-speed train using a high-speed camera, replayed in slow motion (just like the title says!). The result is pretty spectacular. It's like Max Payne/Matrix "bullet-time". So watch it and enjoy. Then, get all comatose on turkey & stuffing and green bean casserole tomorrow so that you won't be able to attack when I show up at your door and demand all the leftovers. PUT THE CRANBERRY SALAD IN THE BAG AND NOBODY GETS FORKED. Holy shit, candied yams.

Everybody please be safe if you're traveling, and if you're flying make sure to stuff a couple extra socks in your underwear. I'll be around during the next couple days posting a few articles whenever I can, so you at least have that to be thankful for. Happy holidays, now go get stuffed.

Hit the jump for the video.

The View From A High Speed Train, In Slow Motion [buzzfeed]

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