Back To The Footwear: Nike DeLorean Dunks

November 24, 2010


Despite no mention of Back to the Future, Nike is releasing these limited-edition DeLorean Nike Dunks the same year as the movie's 25th anniversary. Coincidence? I don't think so. Made in a sweatshop? Are we NOT gonna need roads where we're going?

Influenced by the DMC-12′s aerodynamic design and trademark characteristics, Nike reinterpreted the car's sleek stainless steel exterior into a matte silver, no-sew constructed upper while also taking cues from the gull-wing doors on the bottom eyestay. The shoe's outsole references the Delorean's tail lights and the DMC-12′s rear window shades reappear as graphic lines on the heel replacing the traditional stitches. Meanwhile, the Belfast stamp on the tongue is a nod to the Irish factory that originally produced the vehicle.

The shoes drop Black Friday, so get ready to trample some folks if you want a pair. Alternatively, club the back of their legs. It's not just for ice-skating anymore! Unfortunately, where I'm going I don't need shoes. Or, more specifically, I'm not allowed to wear shoes. Dammit grandma, I'm a grown-up, I'm not gonna track mud in the house. Huh? WHAT DO YOU MEAN I'M AT THE KIDDIE TABLE AGAIN?!

Hit the jump for a bunch of close-ups.





DMC x Nike 6.0 DeLorean Dunk [hypebeast]

Thanks to skunky, who -- oh my God, it's called deodorant, bro.

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