Baby's Birth Caught On Google Street View

November 23, 2010


Note: Larger, full-res shot RIGHT HERE, YO.

This is a picture from Germany of a woman who just gave birth caught by a Google Street View vehicle. Only problem is, it's allegedly a fake. Per a German Gizmodo reader allegedly in the know:

I am German and have to tell you it's a fake. It has been reported in German television and in different German news sources (one of them: [] )

There is a hospital right across the street and they have no knowledge of a birth right in front of their door.

In the house is also an advertising agency that has no knowledge of a birth in front of their house.

Way to waste a Saturday afternoon, fakers! SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE. But that's not the point. The point is this: am I the only one that didn't know women gave birth laying down? I always thought they sat on an elevated toilet seat with the doctor crouched below waiting for a hairless ceiling cat to fall out into their hands. But what do I know? I'm just the guy who passed out in sex-ed when they showed video of a dude's balls.

The Miracle of Birth on Google Street View [gizmodo]

  • Guest

    Laying down on their back that is.

  • Eukara

    Um...women SHOULDN'T give birth lying down. It cuts off circulation to a main vein, the inferior 'vena cava', in the mother which decreases both her blood flow and the infants. For this very reason it is harmful for a pregnant woman to lay on her back past the first trimester where the babies weight pushes on that vein.. It also closes off the cervix by a centimeter which makes it harder to deliver. Between the vein and the cervix closed off by a cm., it causes stress in labor to both mother and child and increases both pain and the likelyhood of a necessary emergency c-section. Other than emergency reasons for laboring on the back, a woman should NEVER do this. Birthing by a stool/birthing chair, kneeling, standing, or just about any other way is much better... wouldn't suggest standing on your head though... O_o...

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