A (Very Accurate) Vision Of The Future

November 17, 2010


This is a vision of the future captured by famed horror photographer Joshua Hoffine (who also created THESE images). Needless to say, it'll be haunting my dreams (including the day variety) for months to come. GAAAH!! Sorry -- must have dozed off for a sec. Per the man himself:

This is my new photograph called ROBOT. This time the theme is addiction and dependence, especially as it pertains to technology.

This project began as a commission. An Electro Synth Rock band from Ontario Canada called Raggedy Angry sent me an email asking if I would be interested in creating cover artwork for their new album entitled HOW I LEARNED TO LOVE OUR ROBOT OVERLORDS. I told them they had me at the word 'Robot'!

Wow, that is unarguably the worst album name in the history of album names, including my own elementary school release, 'Girls Are Icky Like Poopoo Peepee'. Sales in the school cafeteria reached double-aluminum. Didn't they, lunch lady? Haha, that hairy growth on your chin always did make me lose my appetite.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and a worthwhile link to Joshua's blog that has a pictorial of the entire robot build and shoot.



Joshua's Blog
Official Website

Thanks Joshua, now how about one of me with my shirt off and some really sweet rippling muscles (I saw you're good at Photoshop) making a robot eat a tire iron?

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