A Beer And Shot In The Same Glass

November 24, 2010


Ever had a boilmaker? I have -- I drank them exclusively one night. I got home and shat on the back of my feet while I was puking. Enter the 'Shot in the Pint' drinking glasses ($20/two). They have a shot glass on one end, and a pint glass on the other. Per product description (that was obviously not written ANYWHERE near drunk enough):

These pint glasses are spot-on the answer to your humdrum, ho hum, mundane, pedestrian, and blah drinking glass collection! The perfectly nonsensical way to impress your friends and liven up any night out, this combination shot glass - pint glass lets you drink down your brew and follow it with something a little stronger with a simple flip of the glass! Say sayonara to the shame you felt while double-fisting and hello to liberated libation!

First of all, I've never, EVER felt shame double fisting drinks. Or quadruple fisting for that matter. What I have felt is somebody's hand on my ass and knowing I couldn't do anything about it. But here's the quandary: regardless of whether you fill the shot or pint, is the glass perpetually half-empty? *glug glug glug* Looks all the way empty to me. Happy Brown Wednesday!

Product Site
An Inelegant Solution To an Unserious Drinking Problem [gizmodo]

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