3-Year Old's Amazing TMNT Finger Painting

November 21, 2010


This video is from 2006 and has over a million views, so you've probably already seen it. I hadn't though, and since it's Sunday, I'm entitled to do whatever I damn well please. Including, and not just limited to, drinking at 9AM. Breakfast never tasted so good! Anyway, this is a video of a 3-year old making the most most amazing Leonardo finger painting you've ever seen. Just watch and be amazed (or don't be, because it looks fake) Then, take a look at your own child with disappointment. Just kidding, he's special in his own way. Remember that time he ate a whole box of crayons? Most kids his age would've vomited after purple.

Hit the jump for the young Da Vinci in action (see what I did there?).


Thanks to Ziggy Smalls, David Bowie and Notorious B.I.G.'s genre-breaking lovechild.

  • Ivanna Pewpalott

    This is fake, it was already busted. Look for "3 year old finger painting busted" on Youtube. (And Justin, 8 months ago you forgot a 'o'.) :-P

  • that kids hand is to stiff for this video to be real

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